Trusted Lower Back Pain Physiotherapy in Dwarka, Delhi

Lower back pain is one of the most common reasons for physical issues, particularly at work. According to studies, over 80% of the population will have lower back discomfort at some point in their lives. It demands Back Pain Physiotherapy treatment.

Physiotherapy is one of the most frequently utilised treatments for low back pain alleviation. We, at Care Physio Health, give stand-alone therapy. We also have a blend of treatment with other therapies including massage, heat, traction, ultrasound, or short-wave diathermy.

The vertebrae, discs, facet joints, ligaments, and muscles make up the human back, which is a highly complex system of interlocking components. Because of its complicated structure, we offer lower back pain physiotherapy in Dwarka, Delhi by a comprehensive technology-based rehabilitation program.

Inclusive Low Back Physiotherapy in Dwarka, Delhi

We request a detailed consultation from our patients as a first step toward our expert lower back pain physiotherapy in Dwarka, Delhi. The consultation allows us to learn about their present and previous medical concerns, as well as their fitness. Physio Health’s experienced physiotherapists thoroughly assess your care. analyses your physiotherapy requirements and then develops a solution that suits you.

Our staff at Care Physio Health knows that lower back pain is not unsolvable. With the appropriate skill set and on-time physiotherapy sessions, it is possible to overcome it. As a result, our physiotherapists in Dwarka, Delhi work hard to fully comprehend your medical situation before giving you the best methods of lower back pain physiotherapy in Dwarka, Delhi.

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Get the Best Lower Back Pain Physiotherapy 

Advice and activity – There are evidences to prove that doing early movement in case of low back pain is one of the most useful aspects of treatment. 

Manipulative physiotherapy or mobilisation – This element focuses on encouraging the mobilisation of the specific afflicted region. Manipulative therapy is a technique that is used to target a specific area of discomfort. Care Physio Health specializes in lower back pain physiotherapy treatment in Dwarka, Delhi. 

Specific stabilisation exercises – This type of physiotherapy focuses on increasing the strength and stability of muscles that have become weaker as a result of lower back pain.

Basic exercises and stretches – In the context of the patient’s particular condition and cause of lower back pain, a series of appropriately organised exercises and stretches are typically carried out by Care physio Health. We understand the basic needs and give you professional lower back pain physiotherapy in Dwarka, Delhi. 

Ergonomic counselling – Because job-related risks account for more than 65 per cent of lower back issues, our physiotherapists also focus on delivering accurate ergonomic devices and educating patients on how to use the proper infrastructure at work to prevent and treat lower back pain.

Postural recommendations – This element of our lower back pain physiotherapy treatment in Dwarka, Delhi focuses on educating the patient about proper postural habits and techniques for avoiding lower back discomfort. The low back has a direct effect on your spinal cord. It is the centre of our structure. To get holistic lower back physiotherapy treatment in Dwarka, Delhi, contact Care Physio Health now and give yourself relief from all the pain.

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