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physiotherapy refers to the treatment of issues associated with muscles & bones and their related injuries or disorders. After an orthopedic illness or surgery, people often lose their mobility which affects their quality of life. In such cases, physiotherapy offers pain relief, boosts joint range, and enhances strength.
This treatment is often recommended for sprains, strains, post fracture, post surgery and in cases of repetitive injuries.ours physiotherapist are experienced in all kind of orthopedic,neurology and pediatric cases.

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Dr. Pooja singh


Dr. Harshit mishra


Dr. Dipendra bharti


Dr. Baby Chaurasia


Expert physiotherapist

Good time management. Combining passion and knowledge to heal.Get Back Your Active Life.

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OPD & diagnostic

Hope for a Better Tomorrow.
Hope for functional restoration.Move. Restore. Revive.

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Letest equipment

advanced german technology & equipment to treat.conditions like arthritis,sciatica,slip disc,sports injuries & many others.

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Care physio health provides online physiotherapy for COVID-19 patient || online session and all breathing exercisesMakes your lungs strong to fight covid-19…

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Arthritis & Slip disk

Cervical pain & Shoulder pain

Sciatica & Low back pain

Joint stiffness & sports injuries


Paralysis & cerbral palsy

Covid-19 physiotherapy

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Why Choose Us?

We discover and treat the root/source of your problem.

We want you to fully understand your injury and pain, to better and more efficiently recover. Quite often, the spot that hurts you is not the actual origin of the problem. Finding and treating the real source reduces the risk of recurring problems and slower recovery.

We engage in ongoing professional education.

We provide treatment based on scientific evidence in a friendly, welcoming and professional environment. We take a holistic approach to therapy and treatment, and consider rehabilitation to be more than just pain resolution; the ultimate goal is a better quality of life going forward.

We believe strongly in a relaxing and friendly clinical environment.

We love developing long-term friendships with our clients! Our team believes in taking the time to educate you, tell you what is wrong and what you can do about it.  It’s not just what we can do for you.

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